Sobemai by IRI nv is situated in Maldegem (Belgium). As manufacturers of balanced cranes we have been able to build up a very good reputation over the last 30 years within the industrial world. Sobemai cranes are easily capable of handling up to 2.000,00 tons per hour of bulk with a working radius of 5,00 to 50,00 metres and beyond. They are logistic masterpieces with the added advantage of being able to travel with and maintain the lifting capacity over the whole of the working radius. In addition, they have a long life expectancy.

Sobemai by IRI nv sells its cranes directly worldwide. We continue to innovate and improve our balanced crane in order to keep up with the constant evolution of the market place. Our continuous commitment to, expansion of, and development of this unique product is our guarantee of craftsmanship and reliability to you, the customer. Recent innovation examples are: automatic load-dependent speed adjustments, weighing indicators, and the completely modular steel construction of the cranes.