For what concerns the cranes our engineering department is involved in the project already from the sales phase for a thorough analysis and for lay-out drawings of course. Also for the definition of the classification as for the calculation of f.i. the corner loads, wind pressure, etc. is applied to our engineering department. Once the project is defined, the crane parts are designed with the help of a 3D drawing program (Solid Works) and the corresponding FEM calculation software (CosmosWorks). The IRI engineering department has a large knowledge of mechanics, dynamics as well as of crane fatigue. Then all crane components are drawn and detailed by means of a 3D drawing program. Complete bolt lists as well as a hoisting plan for the final erection are made. Each crane is fully optimised on the level of the drive (both hydraulic and electric) with the aim to obtain an energy efficient and smooth working crane.


Please, don't hesitate to contact our engineering department for assistance with the draft, the design and the calculation at mechanical, electrical or hydraulic level for all your new pilot projects or prototypes.


The engineering (and repair) department is always prepared to help you with all repairs of your actual machines (cranes, conveyors, silos, winches, etc) as well as with the design of new machines or steel structures.